A lawn during springtime will definitely need commercial weed control. Basically, weeds are just there to make the life of your garden and lawn miserable, resulting in an unhealthy environment for plants. Aside from the fact that they are unwanted, they could also pose possible hazards. Keep on reading this article as we provide you some of the reasons how damaging could a weed be to the plants in your garden and on your lawn. 

Weeds restrict the food supply of your plants 

We all know that plants require nutrients, light, and water to survive. Just like plants, weeds also need those components. Now, your plants could be more prone to insect infestation and diseases if they are not having sufficient nutrients, potassium, and nitrogen. And while weeds suck up the soil’s nutrients, it could result in abnormal color and fruit development. It could also be the reason why your plants wither.  

There are parasitic weeds 

Parasitic weeds are only there to contest with your plants for nutrients and space. The parasitic weeds will link themselves to the roots or stems of your plants. They can drain off the nutrients  

Covers the area your plants are supposed to be growing 

Weeds fight for space with plants. Once weed takes over the development area of the plant, it could prevent them from attaining their maximum potential. If you neglect the weeds in your garden, then weeds could basically blanket a while garden and start to risk other plants nearby. 

Weeds could be detrimental to you and your plants 

There are weeds that can affect your health and your plant’s health negatively. People could undergo ragweed allergy due to weeds. Some weeds can also cause irritation on the skin. Moreover, the water hyacinth plant could impact your water quality once they develop in your water supply. 

How to remove weed out of your lawn? 

Below are some commercial approaches to control the weeds on your lawn, securing your garden: 

Remove bare soil 

This soil will give weeds an easy area to integrate their roots. You can reduce weed development in the future if you spread mulch over this soil. Doing so could also stop soil erosion.  

Cover crops 

You can secure your soil during early spring and in the winter by planting cover crops during the fall season since they make a wall that stops weeds seeds from developing. 

Discontinue tilling 

The moment you till, you are getting weed seeds, which can be found at the dirt’s surface, and make them move in the soil. 

Make sure your lawn is weed-free 

Keeping up a healthy, lush lawn is quite challenging without incorporating weeds into the mix. The moment you see some weeds that pop up among your grass, you need to remove them.  

So, if you’re interested to maintain your lawn and make it weed-free, then you should immediately visit leanderlawnandlandscape.com now to have an appointment with our dedicated and certified arborists and lawn contractors.