We love our pets and carpets are amazing, however, there are times when they tend to not go well together. Carpets are great once they smell and look clean. However, pets always leave lots of hair, stains, and spots all over the surface of your carpet. Fortunately, you don’t need to remove your pets or your carpets for you to have beautiful and clean floors. Below are a few important carpet care hacks if you want to maximize being a carpet and pet owners: 

Frequently bathe your cat or dog 

Bathing your dog or cat regularly could do a lot for your carpets and home. Our furry friends roll over, lay on, and walk all over our carpets. So, it is just right to keep your pets clean to preserve your carpets and to maintain its cleanliness. It could also help to stop your home from getting animal smells and you can stop the natural odor of your pets from developing into having “dog-smell.” Make sure to do this often so that they won’t easily grow fur, which insects, fleas, and ticks could hide in easily.  

Regularly vacuum the hair of your pets 

On your carpets, a thin film of cat or dog hair can make them appear dirty and dull. If your carpet has accumulated layers of hair, there is a chance that it can grind the debris and dust into the carpet fibers as you walk on it, which makes it difficult to clean. Vacuuming your carpet consistently can make a huge difference.  

Use rollers to clean your furniture 

There are several simple and fast solutions to remove a layer of hair n your ottomans, chairs, and sofas. If your pets shed minimal hairs on your chairs or sofas, you could utilize a lint roller to fix this kind of issue. On the other hand, you can use a paint roller brush if you have pets that shed more hair.  

Easily eliminate pet stains 

If you encounter recent moist spots or difficult to remove carpet stains, keep in mind to clean it slow and steady. Though it might take many iterations of repeat, rinse, and wash, these stains must be removed from your carpet. 

Secure your carpets from cats 

Cats really like scratching things. The claws of a can could do pretty much damage on your area rugs and carpets. So if you want to address this ongoing issue of yours, you can look for several answers that will help every cat owner become at ease while using carpets and area rugs. Some of the possible solutions could be purchasing furniture guards and floor coverings, buying scratching posts and cat towers, and trimming the nails of your cat. 

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