We are all busy. Sometimes, we do not have sufficient time to clean everything in our home. Fortunately, we can help you make the most out of your dishwasher by utilizing your appliance to clean the household materials below: 


Plastic toys can actually be washed in a dishwasher using detergent. Soft toys and dolls are not suggested to be placed in the unit. However, you should be careful to never wash battery-powered things.  

Rain boots 

You can thoroughly clean rubber rain boots while applying a few baking sodas.  

Garden equipment 

The garden tools you have could have some cleaning once you place it in your appliance and use detergent to it. Make sure that you only put tools with rubber, ceramic, or plastic rubbles. 


After using your slippers all throughout the summer, it could become stinky, sticky, and gunky. To remedy this, you can place them on the rack and put some detergent. After washing, they will be smelling great and would look as good as new. 

Kitchen sponges 

They are utilized to clean your dishes. Meaning, they must be cleaned as well. Guarantee to add some detergent as you clean it and put them on your washer’s top rack in the middle of the scrubs. 

Fan covers and blades 

Cleaning and dusting fans could be difficult to wash. You are lucky if your fan is made of plastic since you can place it in your dishwasher and will be done in one cycle. This can help you save more time and effort in cleaning it.  


Our toothbrushes are utilized to clean our mouths. However, we forget to think about cleaning them as well. All you have to do is to put them in the slot intended for silverware and start your washer on a hit cycle to help remove bacteria that stay on your toothbrush. Do not use detergent for this item. 


Refrain from wasting your time by individually cleaning potatoes. Instead, you can put them on your dishwasher’s top rack for easy and soap-free cleaning. After washing, you still need to cook them. 

Pet toys 

The toys of your pets could become grimy over time due to all the slobbering and chewing. If they are rubber or plastic, one cycle through the washer with detergent can make your furry friend happy since they will look like you’re giving them new toys. They will definitely appreciate it.  

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