Tips to Protect Your Carpets from Dogs and Cats

We love our pets and carpets are amazing, however, there are times when they tend to not go well together. Carpets are great once they smell and look clean. However, pets always leave lots of hair, stains, and spots all over the surface of your carpet. Fortunately, you don’t need to remove your pets or your carpets for you to have beautiful and clean floors. Below are a few important carpet care hacks if you want to maximize being a carpet and pet owners: 

Frequently bathe your cat or dog 

Bathing your dog or cat regularly could do a lot for your carpets and home. Our furry friends roll over, lay on, and walk all over our carpets. So, it is just right to keep your pets clean to preserve your carpets and to maintain its cleanliness. It could also help to stop your home from getting animal smells and you can stop the natural odor of your pets from developing into having “dog-smell.” Make sure to do this often so that they won’t easily grow fur, which insects, fleas, and ticks could hide in easily.  

Regularly vacuum the hair of your pets 

On your carpets, a thin film of cat or dog hair can make them appear dirty and dull. If your carpet has accumulated layers of hair, there is a chance that it can grind the debris and dust into the carpet fibers as you walk on it, which makes it difficult to clean. Vacuuming your carpet consistently can make a huge difference.  

Use rollers to clean your furniture 

There are several simple and fast solutions to remove a layer of hair n your ottomans, chairs, and sofas. If your pets shed minimal hairs on your chairs or sofas, you could utilize a lint roller to fix this kind of issue. On the other hand, you can use a paint roller brush if you have pets that shed more hair.  

Easily eliminate pet stains 

If you encounter recent moist spots or difficult to remove carpet stains, keep in mind to clean it slow and steady. Though it might take many iterations of repeat, rinse, and wash, these stains must be removed from your carpet. 

Secure your carpets from cats 

Cats really like scratching things. The claws of a can could do pretty much damage on your area rugs and carpets. So if you want to address this ongoing issue of yours, you can look for several answers that will help every cat owner become at ease while using carpets and area rugs. Some of the possible solutions could be purchasing furniture guards and floor coverings, buying scratching posts and cat towers, and trimming the nails of your cat. 

So, if you’re interested to have your carpet or area rugs to be dealt with the professional carpet cleaners, then you should immediately visit now to have an appointment with our dedicated and certified contractors. Contact us through our hotline and we will be glad to assist you.  

Things Your Dishwasher Could Take Aside From Dishes

We are all busy. Sometimes, we do not have sufficient time to clean everything in our home. Fortunately, we can help you make the most out of your dishwasher by utilizing your appliance to clean the household materials below: 


Plastic toys can actually be washed in a dishwasher using detergent. Soft toys and dolls are not suggested to be placed in the unit. However, you should be careful to never wash battery-powered things.  

Rain boots 

You can thoroughly clean rubber rain boots while applying a few baking sodas.  

Garden equipment 

The garden tools you have could have some cleaning once you place it in your appliance and use detergent to it. Make sure that you only put tools with rubber, ceramic, or plastic rubbles. 


After using your slippers all throughout the summer, it could become stinky, sticky, and gunky. To remedy this, you can place them on the rack and put some detergent. After washing, they will be smelling great and would look as good as new. 

Kitchen sponges 

They are utilized to clean your dishes. Meaning, they must be cleaned as well. Guarantee to add some detergent as you clean it and put them on your washer’s top rack in the middle of the scrubs. 

Fan covers and blades 

Cleaning and dusting fans could be difficult to wash. You are lucky if your fan is made of plastic since you can place it in your dishwasher and will be done in one cycle. This can help you save more time and effort in cleaning it.  


Our toothbrushes are utilized to clean our mouths. However, we forget to think about cleaning them as well. All you have to do is to put them in the slot intended for silverware and start your washer on a hit cycle to help remove bacteria that stay on your toothbrush. Do not use detergent for this item. 


Refrain from wasting your time by individually cleaning potatoes. Instead, you can put them on your dishwasher’s top rack for easy and soap-free cleaning. After washing, you still need to cook them. 

Pet toys 

The toys of your pets could become grimy over time due to all the slobbering and chewing. If they are rubber or plastic, one cycle through the washer with detergent can make your furry friend happy since they will look like you’re giving them new toys. They will definitely appreciate it.  

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Why Should You Choose to Install Decorative Concrete?

Nowadays, property owners and builders have the power to select unique poolside areas, sidewalks, driveways and patio. Having personalized decorative exteriors can aid to style and modify these products. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose to install decorative concrete:


Have well-customized concrete landscaping 

One of the best advantages you get from choosing decorative concrete is because you can easily customize it. Occasionally, property owners ask the builders to make houses that are suited for them. For instance, an architect might create a new residential floor plan considering the needs and requirements of the people who will be living in it. Other property owners want additional natural lighting indoors. Some want an open kitchen with no interior walls. Utilizing decorative concrete is one of the well-sought approaches to custom home landscaping. 

Highlights the best features of your home 

In landscaping, utilizing decorative concrete promotes to showcase the best features of your property. The similar development spiced up with decorative pieces provides striking aesthetics in your garden.  

If you want to improve the look of your pool area, driveway, patio, and other areas outdoor, you should choose to install decorative concrete. 

It complements the concrete improvements outdoors efficiently 

Setting up decorative concrete definitely enables other designers to complement the concrete development to make a wonderful setting. This procedure might be as easy as incorporating a stain to change the surface’s color. It depends on you whether you want to go with darker or lighter shades. 

Utilize concrete to recreate expensive concrete material at a cheaper cost 

The concrete contractors of Mckinney Concrete Works can produce concrete surfaces, which nearly looks like other materials. This is possible due to the versatility of the concrete. Our contractors can also install durable and sturdy concrete that resembles brick, marble, or slate. 

Use your creativity 

Ultimately, one of the reasons why decorative concrete is highly recommended is because it could help to unleash the creativity that you have within you. A lot of clients definitely are aware of which kinds of beautiful landscaping developments they want to achieve. However, others are still unsure of what to do with their garden or yard. If you are one of these unsure homeowners, you should not worry since we can help you envision and decide for the ideal solutions according to the needs of your household. 

Mckinney Concrete Works has a group of talented and certified professional contractors and they know very well why customized assistance is very important. Our goal is to provide quality service to all of our potential clients so that they will be happy as soon as we complete installing decorative concretes within your property. If you want to ask for assistance in any project you have relating to concrete, then we will be there for you to listen to your needs. Your design preference and goals are the things we highly honor. Rest assured that we will do our best to serve you properly and to satisfy you. 

So, if you’re interested to install decorative concrete in your landscaping design, then you should immediately visit now to have an appointment with our dedicated and certified concrete contractors. 

Ways How Weeds Could Damage Your Garden and Lawn

A lawn during springtime will definitely need commercial weed control. Basically, weeds are just there to make the life of your garden and lawn miserable, resulting in an unhealthy environment for plants. Aside from the fact that they are unwanted, they could also pose possible hazards. Keep on reading this article as we provide you some of the reasons how damaging could a weed be to the plants in your garden and on your lawn. 

Weeds restrict the food supply of your plants 

We all know that plants require nutrients, light, and water to survive. Just like plants, weeds also need those components. Now, your plants could be more prone to insect infestation and diseases if they are not having sufficient nutrients, potassium, and nitrogen. And while weeds suck up the soil’s nutrients, it could result in abnormal color and fruit development. It could also be the reason why your plants wither.  

There are parasitic weeds 

Parasitic weeds are only there to contest with your plants for nutrients and space. The parasitic weeds will link themselves to the roots or stems of your plants. They can drain off the nutrients  

Covers the area your plants are supposed to be growing 

Weeds fight for space with plants. Once weed takes over the development area of the plant, it could prevent them from attaining their maximum potential. If you neglect the weeds in your garden, then weeds could basically blanket a while garden and start to risk other plants nearby. 

Weeds could be detrimental to you and your plants 

There are weeds that can affect your health and your plant’s health negatively. People could undergo ragweed allergy due to weeds. Some weeds can also cause irritation on the skin. Moreover, the water hyacinth plant could impact your water quality once they develop in your water supply. 

How to remove weed out of your lawn? 

Below are some commercial approaches to control the weeds on your lawn, securing your garden: 

Remove bare soil 

This soil will give weeds an easy area to integrate their roots. You can reduce weed development in the future if you spread mulch over this soil. Doing so could also stop soil erosion.  

Cover crops 

You can secure your soil during early spring and in the winter by planting cover crops during the fall season since they make a wall that stops weeds seeds from developing. 

Discontinue tilling 

The moment you till, you are getting weed seeds, which can be found at the dirt’s surface, and make them move in the soil. 

Make sure your lawn is weed-free 

Keeping up a healthy, lush lawn is quite challenging without incorporating weeds into the mix. The moment you see some weeds that pop up among your grass, you need to remove them.  

So, if you’re interested to maintain your lawn and make it weed-free, then you should immediately visit now to have an appointment with our dedicated and certified arborists and lawn contractors. 

5 Concrete Ideas to Spruce up Your Yard

If you want to incorporate some decorative means of separating various parts of your backyard and make the flower bed stand out or to build beautiful pathways, which enables you to walk through your yard, then decorative concrete is the answer.  Decorative concrete is extremely flexible and it provides you several decorative control over the design of your landscape. Even if you are searching to develop a large patio or you just want to line your garden with pavers, decorative concrete is one of the best choices since it is durable and flexible. Below are some of the creative landscape ideas that will make your creative juices flow: 

Select stamped concrete 

Stamped concrete’s appearance is similar to natural stone. Hence, having this type of concrete is the best means of mimicking the appearance of stone or brick landscape edging but with less maintenance and hassle. Stamped concrete is what makes this material advantageous. You can select just nearly any color and design you want since patters that look like stone or brick are the most usual options.  

Make a curving concrete pathway 

Relatively, a simple pour of concrete could make a beautiful curving pathway, which could change your lawn into a wonderful oasis. You can also add some plants, appropriate lighting, and perhaps benches to line the path.  

Construct flower beds made of raised concrete  

Whether you want to incorporate some raised flower beds to your lawn or your yard’s already sloped, concrete is one of the greatest ways to make the plants and dirt safe and make a dynamic and upgraded landscape design. 

Incorporate some fixed LED lights 

Homeowners tend to overlook the power of lighting in landscaping design. After all, you are more likely doing most of your yard work while the lights are out. However, great lighting could make you spend most of your time on your lawn. Moreover, fixing LED lights into the edging of your concrete is one of the greatest means of making sure that your pathway, patio, plants, and your outdoor areas are beautiful and secured after the sun has set. 

Combine it up with many edging kinds 

The best thing about concrete is that is it very flexible since it could be used in many ways you want. Also, it will definitely look great regardless of what kind of landscape layout and design you have. You do not need to settle for a single landscape edging type. 

Particularly, if your yard is big and you want to section off many areas, you can consider incorporating a few edging types. For instance, you could opt to have a couple of raised flower beds or a simple pathway. Then, you can divide some bugger plants using stamped concrete edging to resemble the appearance of bricks. In terms of whatever you want to do with concrete, the sky is the limit.  

So, if you’re interested to install decorative concrete in your landscaping design, then you should immediately visit now to have an appointment with our dedicated and certified concrete contractors.